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  • Maxime Petit says:

    (pg.7): During this school year, our class intention was to create, discover, and have many adventures. I can definitely say we have accomplished it and have grown and learned so much together. The classroom 3B has held so many of our amazing adventures through the supernatural world, space, and superworld; sharing our great imagination with each other that we have grown quite the bond. Also the things we’ve created individually and together has improved not only our imagination, but our creation skills as well. Those two things have taught us so much about all the things we’ve become interested in during our time in this classroom, and we have become quite the little genius’!

    (pg.9): 3rd picture – Emilio Arias; Beverly & Maxime – wrong picture; Beverly’s name is under Coach Lucy’s picture, and Maxime’s name is under Dani’s picture.

    (pg.11): These kids have opened my eyes so much to how capable they are, not only was i their teacher, but they were mine too. through their growth and everything they learned throughout this year, i am so proud of each one of them and wish the best for their future. i will miss them so as they continue their journey in life, but i feel so honored to have had them for the time i got.

    (pg.13): Here at assembly is when we would get together and connect as a class. we would share stories about our adventures outside of school, play games, learn, and share ideas for our next experience in the classroom.

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